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Painted Finish

Any of our pine furniture items and beech chairs can be supplied in a choice of painted finishes to blend perfectly with your home and decor. With five sumptuous and inviting colours to choose from, our painted finishes have been carefully selected to stimulate the senses, while the layer the paint affords the furniture ensures maximum protection for the new addition to your home.

15% extra charge for this finish.

Cuban Blue
Venetian Red
Coloinial Green
Parchment Yellow
French White


Waxed & Lacquer Finishes

Alongside paint finishes, Christy bird's also offer many natural quality finishes for all pine furniture and beech chairs, all of which complement the natural beauty of the item. Our waxed finish gives a traditional look with an enhanced grain and there is no extra charge. The range of Lacquer finishes is as follows; Natural Lacquer, English Lacquer, Antique Lacquer, Victorian Lacquer, Factory Lacquer, English Light Oak Lacquer, Brown Oak Lacquer, Brown Mahogany Lacquer and Dark Oak Lacquer.


Wax Finish Our wax products are all finished by hand, which achieves a very nice positive grain effect. Please note this is not a waterproof finish, it is important to remove any spillages immediately with a dry cloth.


Lacquer Finish.

Each piece of Furniture is firstly stained, smoothed by hand using sandpaper and finally lacquered. This process gives a consistently high quality finish. Minimum upkeep is requires - spillages can be removed with a soft damp cloth and general household polish will maintain the appearance.

10% extra charge for a Lacquered finish

Natural Lacquer
Antique Lacquer
Victorian Lacquer
Factory Lacquer
English Light Oak
Brown Mahogany
Brown Oak
Dark Oak



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Tables - Chairs - Dressers - Lounge - Home Office - Hall/Bathroom - Bedroom

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