How We Can Customise

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Just Follow These Steps For A Customised Furniture Quote

Then Just Email Us The Details
Follow these steps to get a quote


Step 1 : What is it you want us to make for you ? We can make you almost any piece of furniture you require, be it a bookshelf, kitchen dresser, wardrobe, alcove unit, or whatever. Just let us know basically what your looking for.


Step 2 : In order to give you a quote, we need to know the carcass size (body of the unit size). We do this by measuring the Height of the unit you require (top to bottom).

Then measure the width you require (left to Right). If fitting into an alcove allow for skirting board and give 1/4 inch on either side to fit.

Now measure the depth of the unit you require (front to back). Again allow for skirting board if required. With units like kitchen dressers and TV alcove units you may have two different dept's where the base is deeper than the top. So take note of both dept's you require in this case.


Step 3 : Now we have established the size of the piece you require, we need to establish the style you require. This can be as fancy or plain as you want. We have two basic styles (but you can tell us the style you want).

On the far left we have a decorative bookcase, note the detailed top/cornice and the detail on the sides, known as reeded side.

In the other picture we have two plainer bookshelves, these have simpler, straight line look.

We can use these two basic styles for any type of unit you want use to make for you.


Click on the words on the picture, to see our various styles

Step 4 : Now we have your carcass size and the style of the unit you require, we need to get the finer details. From the picture on the left, Click on the text to see the different examples of each component we can offer you.

Cornice - or Crown, as we have said, is top of a unit. This can be single double or triple layer, with or without corbels

Reeded Sides - These can run along the vertical length of the unit, and can be as wide as you like or have none at all.

Shelves - Can come in various thickness and if required have decorative finish(Click on Text on picture to see sample). Fixed shelves are standard on are units, so we need to know the space you require between each shelf. We can make them adjustable if you require, but this does reduce the load weight of the shelf.

Worktops - or Counter tops are solid pine as standard and can come in various thickness. We can of course supply you with some of the more popular timbers to match what you may already have. Just click on the text Worktops on the picture on the left to see samples.

Drawers - All drawers are solid pine throughout. We use a traditional drawer method, whereby the drawers runs within the frame of the carcass. We can if required put on modern metal drawer runners. Drawers fronts come in a variety of styles- paneled, flush, etc. Click on text on picture for samples

Doors - come in a variety of styles- paneled, flush, etc. Click on text on picture for samples

Handles - As standard, we use a traditional knob handle, but of course we can fit any handle you choose, you can source these in any of the big DIY stores and we will happily fit them, or let use source them for you.

Plinth - The plinth is the base of the unit. As standard we use a closed plinth, but we can make the plinth more decorative or even match what you already have.
Waxed Finish
lacquered Finish
Stained Finish
Painted Finish
Step 5 : Now we have all the details of the unit you require, we need to know the finish.
Unfinished.- In the raw wood, sanded and ready for you to add your own finish.

Waxed - This is a hand finish using a beeswax and gives the pine a traditional rustic satin look. Gives a wonderful natural feel to the wood, but this is not the most waterproof finish, wood will age with use.

Stained - This finish allows you to change the colour of the unit without loosing the character of the wood. A clear lacquerer or wax is then applied as the final coat.
Spraying - We can arrange to have your units sprayed painted any colour you choose. We out-source all are spraying work and priced per job.
Now you have more of an idea of what we can do, just email with your design and let us quote you happy
For larger more complicated orders we will do a scaled drawing of the units free of charge.